Smart Home - Smart water

Hi-Tap-Inside; digital Cartridge  turns the tap into safe and smart faucet.

This presentation demonstrates the ultimate Smart Home Safe Water thermostat.

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Meet Hi-tap

the smart home safe water year is here

wireless connectivity

Bluetooth using a smartphone app.

Low Power

Energy savings, Battery operated

global standards compliance

scalding protection

Quick response to cold water failure

Plug & Play system

Distributed points in water distribution

precision control, precise data monitoring

About Us

Hi-Tap is a Nahalat Adar Ltd. project under “Exclusive Patent License Agreement”.

Nahalat Adar Ltd., founded in 1984, is a research and development company.

We are experienced in a wide range of technological and manufacturing processes,  including metal forming, plastic injection, castings, high precision cutting and electronics.

We assist and support in creation of a new projects. 


What Is HiTap?

The Hi-Tap system is a thermostatic mixing valve that utilizes a patented design to control hot and cold water via Bluetooth using a smartphone app.  

Unique Hi-Tap advantages are low power, wireless connectivity, global standards compliance, precision control, precise data monitoring & history, flexible installation at central or distributed points in water distribution, energy savings, scalding protection and more.  

Bathroom Safety Basics

Scales in the bathroom are the main risks with bathtime. You can avoid these risks by using the HiTap Safe Mode faucet. One click on the temperature knob will immediately lock the faucet on *Safe Mode. Unlock to *Attention Mode by adult in three clicks.

Safe Mode : 38 degrees Celsius and under.

Attention Mode : Unlimited hot temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius.