Hi-Tap Cartridges

The Hi-Tap  is an Electric thermostatic mixing valve that utilizes a patented design to control hot and cold water on tap and via Bluetooth using a smartphone app. 

Central Wi-Fi Hi-tap Cartridge, located in the Pipes Hub, is remotely control, enabling a different setting temperature for a different group of faucets in the house.

Unique Hi-Tap advantages are low power, wireless connectivity, global standards compliance, precision control, precise data monitoring & history, flexible installation at central or distributed points in water distribution, energy savings, scalding protection and more.  

HiTap Cartridge  smart home water technology industry.

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Define our HiTap cartridge, Design and produce your faucet. Depending on type of inlets, control and power source, seven options are figured with main dimensions.

Control Characteristics

Recorded charts at different flow rates tested at 50% pressure drop of cold and hot inlets alternately

Cold Water failure